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Blue Back Posters

Design Your Own Blue Back Posters Online

Blue Back Posters are perfect for advertising and make a great visual display unit to attract the attention of potential customers or to advertise your event.

A specialist product designed specifically for pasting onto surfaces like walls, windows, hoardings etc. The blue backing prevents show through from the surface below when pasting onto billboards and windows.

Easy to order... You can design your own blue back posters online using one of our pre-designed templates or design your own using our online design tool. You can also order using your own artwork or use our low cost design service - only £10. All templates are completely editable so if, for example, you see a design that fits your requirement then just go ahead and customise it.

You can also add unlimited graphics and text to any design at no extra charge. These can be graphics and images downloaded from the internet but please ensure that they are high enough quality to reproduce well. If in doubt ask us to check before printing.

We also offer same day collection or next day UK delivery, just order by 12pm and let us do the rest.

All Blue Back Posters Include...

  • High Quality Blue Back Paper
  • High Resolution Printing
  • UV Fade Resistant Inks
  • Create Online or Low Cost Design Service - only £10
  • Low Prices with Quantity Discounts

Next Day Delivery available

Blue Back Poster Templates

Coffee_Served_Here - design template - 747
Coffee_Served_Here - 747
Gardening_Seeds_Poster - design template - 749
Gardening_Seeds_Poster - 749
MOT_Testing_Poster - design template - 748
MOT_Testing_Poster - 748
Grab_A_Bargain_Poster - design template - 745
Grab_A_Bargain_Poster - 745
Eggs_For_Sale_1 - design template - 750
Eggs_For_Sale_1 - 750
Eggs_For_Sale_2 - design template - 751
Eggs_For_Sale_2 - 751
Home_Grown_Produce_1 - design template - 776
Home_Grown_Produce_1 - 776