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King Charles III Coronation Selfie Frames

Coronation selfie frames are a great way to make memory photos of your street party or celebration. Made from our exclusive shatterproof, hard wearing material, our selfie frames are fully recyclable. They are also non-toxic and safe for children. We offer two grades of this material, Strong-Board 6mm which, by its name, is a hard wearing product for prolonged use of your Selfie Frame and Eco-Board 4mm which is a durable product for shorter term use.

You can choose a pre-designed Coronation template from our selection below and modify it to your exact requirements, or you can design your selfie frame from scratch. Alternatively you can order using your own artwork or use our free design service.

All templates are completely editable so if, for example, you see a design that fits your needs then just go ahead and customise it.

You can also add unlimited photos and images to any design at no extra charge. These can be images downloaded from the internet but please ensure that they are high enough quality to reproduce well. If in doubt ask us to check before printing.

Our selfie frames are suitable for indoor or outdoor use as they are completely waterproof and can be easily wiped clean.

All Coronation Selfie Frames Include...

  • Durable 6mm StrongBoard or 4mm Eco-Board
  • 100% Recyclable Materials
  • High Quality Printing
  • Using Your Own Photos & Artwork
  • Prices from £19.50 with No Hidden Costs

Next Day Delivery available

Portrait Templates

Half_Union_Selfie_Frame - design template - 1277
Half_Union_Selfie_Frame - 1277
Blue_Selfie_Frame - design template - 1273
Blue_Selfie_Frame - 1273
Union_Jack_Selfie_Frame - design template - 1272
Union_Jack_Selfie_Frame - 1272

Landscape Templates

Half_Union_Selfie_Frame_Landscape - design template - 1276
Half_Union_Selfie_Frame_Landscape - 1276
Bleu_Selfie_Frame_Landscape - design template - 1275
Bleu_Selfie_Frame_Landscape - 1275
Union_Jack_Selfie_Frame_Landscape - design template - 1274
Union_Jack_Selfie_Frame_Landscape - 1274