Coronavirus Sneeze and Cough Guards

Cough & Sneeze Shields to protect your staff

Returning to work is possibly one of the most worrying times and we must do all we can to protect workers from Covid-19. We are pleased to offer simple low cost ways of protecting your staff in the workplace from contracting Coronavirus from colleagues and customers.

Our easy assembled cough & sneeze screen can printed with your company branding. These can be designed using our online design portal or we can do this for you.

All transparent materials used in our sneeze guards are guaranteed to be optically clear so you can be assured that any view will not be impaired.

and we can supply custom sizes to fit any requirement. Please contact us for a low cost quote on these products.

Sneeze_Shield_2 - design template - 1006
Sneeze_Shield_2 - 1006
Sneeze_Shields_1 - design template - 1005
Sneeze_Shields_1 - 1005